Starting a Company: the Case of RÅDAHL

Starting a Company: the Case of RÅDAHL

I’m a UX consultant, author, and YouTube personality.

As I look back to when I started my company, it is fascinating and a bit emotional. When you are young, the world feels like your oyster with so many possibilities. Of course, this was true for me too. In 2012, when I set up RÅDAHL as an umbrella for all my ventures, including UX consulting, books and articles, YouTube channel and other side projects – frankly anything that popped into my mind – I had no idea how successful it would be or what shape it would take.

Throughout the years, I have worked on several ventures that have created many offspring in companies like Redux Enterprise. The journey I have been on started with creating SimGoodie and developed into creating branding, websites and other online marketing material for daily friends and family.

FinpåVin App
FinpåVin is one of the project I've done by myself to broaden my horizon about UX Design and App development. You can read more about FinpåVin here!

I have learned so much about UX and UX tests I now use in my daily work. My company has given me the opportunity to be creative and develop as a person, but also financially. It is amazing if you can do something that will improve your own life, but also the lives of others!

In the later years, I decided to take RÅDAHL in a new direction as a brand for UX expertise, and I am currently building it to spend on social media and publications.

Areas of expertise at RÅDAHL:

  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • Brand Consulting
  • UX Strategy and Planning
  • Customer Journeys
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Development
  • UX Testing

Some of the projects done through RÅDAHL:

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RÅDAHL is a leading eCommerce and UX design company with over 12 years of experience in the industry. We have a unique perspective on how to approach new ventures in eCommerce and state-of-the-art technology, and we are skilled in problem-solving and understanding the needs and motivations of users. 
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