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Winning the Game with UX Design and CRO

Winning the Game with UX Design and CRO

Supercharging Your Website Design with Conversion Rate Optimization and UX Research.

In Winning the Game with UX Design & CRO, Author and website design authority Alexander Rådahl draws on years of experience in high-end website development to offer you time-tested methods that any website developer can use to optimize your website’s user experience, in order to significantly improve conversion rate, clickthrough percentages and customer engagement metrics.
In this invaluable user experience and CRO guide, you will learn ‘real-world’ tested methods that can be effectively applied around the globe by website designers, with any level of prior experience:

  • How to build websites that convert at optimum levels using CRO and UI UX Design, in a perfect marriage of web design and target audience identification and engagement
  • How to use the 5 main principles that will maximize your website conversion rate: clarity, simplicity, credibility, urgency and social proof
  • Insider secrets about how CRO is used by tech giants like Uber, Airbnb, and Shopify… and how you can use the same approaches to exponentially expand your engagement
  • The Top 3 CRO strategies that top website designers use to stimulate sales and visibility – UX research and optimization, sales funnel analysis and A/B Testing
  • The CRO tools that the tech professionals use and how even beginning e-commerce business owners can use them to increase sales – Google analytics, Google Search, Heap Analytics, Hotjar and more

Whether you want to experiment with an upgraded website design, or need some inspiration for your next project, Winning the Game with UX Design has something for everyone. Get ready to take your web designs to another level by implementing these simple changes!

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